Rough Terrain Truck - Construction Pallet Truck

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Rough Terrain Truck - Construction Pallet Truck Hand Pallet Truck Material Handling Equipment


Rough Terrain Truck - RTT Series

The RTT Series is specially designed for use on uneven and rocky surfaces. It suits many environments but is an indispensable adjustable hand pallet truck on building and construction sites, in garden centres and for many other expternal applications.

Performance of Rough Terrain Truck Series Pallet Trucks

  • Fitted with Pneumatic tyres for use on undulating surfaces.
  • Powder coated heavy dty steel frame.
  • Fitted with adjustable 860mm long forks
  • Lower down toa minimum fork height of 53mm
  • Ideal for open and closed pallets.
  • Hand release trigger.
  • Easy to manoeuvre with 210 degrees turning radius.
  • Low maintainance pump unit.
  • Hand release trigger to control the rate of descent.
  • For health and safety. Click Here
  • Conforms to EN 1757-2 Standards.
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